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Tuesday, February 6, 2024


Archaeology News (auto generated)
· Archaeologists discover extraordinary Roman flatpack bed in London - Euronews
· Archaeology breakthrough as 'flat-packed' Roman bed found at 2,000-year-old site in Britain - GB News
· Traces of Saxon town found beneath London’s National Gallery - HeritageDaily
· Ancient Swedish Tomb Excavated. The Skulls are Gone. - Popular Mechanics
· Swiss Archaeologists discover 14th-Century Gauntlet in Kyburg Castle - ArtDependence
· Archaeologists shed new light on children’s health during Industrial Revolution - Durham University
· Quake-hit Hatay Archaeology Museum gets reinforced - Hurriyet Daily News
· Archaeologists to shed new light on Bronze Age site, southeast Iran - Tehran Times
· Did Archaeologists Discover Pliny the Elder's Famous Roman Villa? - Hyperallergic
· Archaeologists uncover first Roman tomb during excavation of Los Molinillos site in Benalmádena -
· Eboracum Roman museum no longer on 'planned list' - York Archaeology | York Press - York Press
· Last resting place of first Roman Londoners - complete with a bed - found in Holborn - Evening Standard
· Maya tomb reveals royal treasures of an ancient king - Futurity: Research News
· Bedbugs plagued Britain 1900 years ago, Roman fort near Hadrian's Wall reveals -
· Mysterious Site on Transpennine Route leaves Archaeologists digging for answers: Ravensthorpe Dig Site - Network Rail media centre
· Archaeologists Discover Long-Lost Scottish Monastery - University of Southampton
· ‘Forging new history’: high-end iron age smithy unearthed in Oxfordshire - The Guardian
· Archaeologists uncover complete Roman funerary bed in London - HeritageDaily
· Archaeologists discover ancient Greek temple filled with hidden treasures - The Independent
· Archaeologists discover intact 90000-year-old human footprints on Moroccan beach - Euronews
· Archaeologists unearthed fresh evidence that bedbugs came to Britain with the Romans - arkeonews
· Heritage professionals respond to ‘woke archaeology’ claims - Museums Association
· ‘Flat-packed furniture for the next life’: Roman funerary bed found in London - The Guardian
· Centre for Maritime Archaeology - University of Southampton
· City Council invites community to celebrate MK Archaeology Day | Milton Keynes City Council - Milton Keynes Council

Prehistory News (auto generated)
· Tibetan Plateau 'social network' goes back to the Bronze Age - Futurity: Research News
· Bronze Age human remains uncovered during excavation of Iron Age settlement - Bournemouth University
· Archaeologists discover Bronze Age burial site during excavation | ITV News - ITV News
· Bronze Age arm ring found in West Cumbria on display - BBC
· The largest prehistoric mound in Europe is the Bronze-Age Hill of Udine (Italy) and legend linked its origin to Attila the ... -
· Bronze jewelry sheds light on prehistoric ritual -
· Hidden Bronze Age megastructures help understand Europe - Cosmos
· Europe's Bronze Age Megaforts Revealed in Prehistoric Landscape - Ancient Origins
· Researchers discover complete Neolithic cursus on the Isle of Arran - CentAUR
· Why Did Stone and Bronze Age People Crack the Bones of Their Dead? - DISCOVER Magazine
· Bronze age wooden comb could be oldest discovered in UK - The Guardian
· Climate change likely impacted human populations in the Neolithic and Bronze Age - EurekAlert
· Five of Scotland's most 'groundbreaking' archaeological discoveries in 2023 - STV News
· The rise of royalty in prehistoric Europe - The Past
· 100 ancient genomes show repeated population turnovers in Neolithic Denmark -
· Stanwick Lakes: Bronze Age log boat build reaches halfway point - BBC
· Bronze Age ring from 900 BC to go on display at museum | ITV News - ITV News
· Above the Downs: Documenting human history from the Neolithic to the Cold War - The Past
· Intact Bronze Age pot found during excavation near Ely - BBC
· Bronze Age gold torc discovered in field near Mistley - BBC
· The Remnants of a Bronze Age Ceremony Have Been Discovered at a Construction Site for a Rocket Launch Pad in the U.K. - artnet News
· Bronze Age discovery made at Shetland spaceport site - BBC
· Historic cableway in Abereenshire makes top five archaeological discovery list - Grampian Online
· DNA study reveals shift in Bronze Age population in East-Central Europe -
· Switzerland: Bronze age arrowhead traced to `object that fell from the sky` - WION

Ancient Site News (auto generated)
· Mysterious 'Stonehenge' structure discovered in US lake - indy100
· Lacock pub revamp among Wiltshire planning applications - Wiltshire Times
· Stonehenge route shut after woman dies in crash with lorry - BBC
· Stonehenge diggers find 'rare' metalwork inside ancient human remains buried on site - Express
· ‘Dangerous precedent’: fears over plans for Calanais stones access fee - The Guardian
· Where is Stonehenge, who built the prehistoric monument, and how? -
· Swindon landlords reveal all after taking over pub near Stonehenge - Swindon Advertiser
· 9 Far More Mysterious Ancient Structures to Analyze Than Stonehenge -
· Stonehenge protesters in second high court bid - Museums Association
· A303 back open after serious crash near Stonehenge - Salisbury Journal
· Scientists Have Traced the Lost Journey of Stonehenge's Mysterious Megaliths - Popular Mechanics
· Half Term History Makers At Stonehenge - Salisbury Radio
· Letter calls for archaeologists to unite over Stonehenge tunnel - BBC
· Stonehenge campaigners’ last-chance bid to save site from road tunnel - The Guardian
· Tribute paid to 'wonderful' woman who died after crash with lorry near Stonehenge - Salisbury Journal
· Stonehenge A303 after woman dies in crash with lorry - BBC
· ‘A time to reflect’: crowds celebrate winter solstice at Stonehenge - The Guardian
· Family remember 'generous' woman who died in Stonehenge crash - BBC
· Ring of Brodgar: Temporary toilets ruled out for Orkney landmark - BBC
· Winter solstice crowds gather at Stonehenge in celebration - BBC
· Unesco reiterates plea for UK government 'not to proceed' with Stonehenge redevelopment - Art Newspaper
· Protestors gather as judicial review decides the fate of Stonehenge - Extinction Rebellion
· Controversial Stonehenge tunnel scheme gets greenlight from UK government - Art Newspaper
· A303 tunnel 'could destroy' part of Stonehenge site, court told - BBC
· Free entry to ancient Calanais stones could end - BBC

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